Brinley Kay Brower is a 24 year old ceramic artist pursuing an art degree at Utah Valley University

Using simple and elegant forms, Brinley’s pottery showcases intricately carved textures and brilliant glazes. 

At Pleasant Grove Junior High and High School, Brinley studied ceramics under Mrs. Beth Barber for five years! Brinley and Beth are still good friends now, six years after graduation.

Brinley is inspired by all things antique. She enjoys thrifting and has a collection of antique snuff boxes! She loves receiving 'trinkets' as gifts and makes trinket trays for all the other collectors out there.

After buying a wheel from her professor at UVU and getting a kiln from one of her neighbors, Brinley can hardly believe she has her own home studio!

Brinley and her partner, Jacob, live in Orem with their two cats, Moony and Bones. They are absolutely in love with their boys and hope to get more animals in the future!

Roller skating is a close second to pottery on Brinley's list of favorite hobbies. She's been working at a roller skating rink since she was 16 and still works there part-time while pursuing ceramics.

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